MageUnconf NL - July 12-15, 2023
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It is happening

Organized by Yireo (the few people behind MageTestFest and Reacticon), carried by the Dutch Magento community, cohosted by Mage-OS Nederland, inspired by FireGento & Dutchento, hosted in Utrecht, attended by devs (including you, yes you!).

Meet the unconferenced people

This is an unconference: Be prepared for plenty of fun and sharing. There is no program, there are no official speakers, there is just a group of developers chatting about all kinds of topics. And instead of just talking about unconferencing and then organizing like people normally do, we like to introduce everyone to the new concept of extreme unconferencing (which we just made up): If you are an experienced speaker, make place for others. If you are not experienced with speaking, let's get you a speaker slot to try things out. If you had a topic in mind to talk about, forget about that topic and talk about something else. If you came to the conference to learn about a specific topic, focus upon the other topics instead.

What is an unconference?

With a normal conference, the organizers set up a program with speaker slots and wait for the crowd to fill the rooms. With an unconference, we try to avoid this hierarchical way of setting up the event. Instead, the event is participant-driven: At the start of each day, topics are being chosen by all participants via voting. Next, the same group chooses which speakers are assigned for topics. Next, the organizers pick up on these pieces and arrange for the right rooms. And the unconference is able to start. Let's see if this works or not.

What does "Mage" stand for?

And this is a MageUnconference. Which could stand for a Magento Unconference. But why not call it a MagentoUnconference then? Well, little Frodo, times have changed. The name "Magento" has always been a trademark of one company (Varien, Magento Inc and now Adobe) and because of copyright laws, the owner of that trademark needs to grant permission for the usage of the name "Magento" with an event like this. It is exactly because of reasons like this, that other initiatives spurred up without the name Magento in it: Firegento, Dutchento, Mage-OS. And MageUnconference. You could say therefore that Mage stands for Magento. But the times have changed: Mage-OS is quickly gaining ground as a community effort to support the original product of Magento Open Source (as opposed to Adobe Commerce). And in a way, Mage could stand for Mage-OS as well. Complex topic. Leaving it as it is.

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MageUnconference Netherlands 2023

This event is also made possible by Mage-OS Nederland
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